About Costa Rica

Much has been written about this marvelous Central American country whose shores are bathed by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. When speaking about Costa Rica it is impossible not to mention the country’s principal attributes centering on its natural beauty, conservation efforts, educated and friendly people, stable democracy and solid economy.

Although it’s a small nation measuring 51.900 km² with just over 5 million inhabitants, Costa Rica has managed to focus its efforts on the protection of treasured natural resources as well as the development of public education and socialized medicine, to rank at among the most developed nations in Latin America. Costa Rica has also been blessed by exuberant flora and fauna that constitutes some 5% of all the plants and animals in the world. This biodiversity gave rise to an extensive system of national parks and private conservation areas covering more than 25% of the country’s territory and serving as a model for conservation internationally.

Its active volcanoes, stunning beaches, verdant valleys and mountains, tropical forests, hot springs and rivers, and national parks are just a few examples of the variety and quantity of natural attractions that await visitors. With an irregular mountainous topography harboring diverse microclimates, the country has panoramic scenery that is full of contrasts to the delight of visitors. Due to its tropical location, Costa Rica enjoys eternal springtime temperatures with just two seasons: dry (December-April) and wet (May to November). Within its political history, the abolition of the army in 1948 stands out at a pivotal moment that has given the country a unique identity and has allowed for stability, growing levels of development and enduring tradition of democracy and peace.

No description of Costa Rica would be complete without mentioning its other principal attribute: its people. Recent studies on the populace have called Costa Rica “The happiest country in the world” pointing to a population that is optimistic, hard-working, progressive and kind. And such happiness is catching, which is yet one more reason to visit the country. All of these elements combined form what Costa Rica is today: a unique country, beautiful in all dimensions and a world-class tourism destination offering a great diversity of attractions and an unforgettable travel experience for all who visit.